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                  News Information

                  Liaoyuan Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.through WHO PQT on-site audit

                  In July 2019, Liaoyuan Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. passed the WHO PQT on-site audit after 3 years of hard work.

                  The p-amino salicylate project is located in the third workshop of Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., which is the exclusive workshop of the project. It is designed to produce 150 tons per year and applied for the WHO project. This is not only the company's accurate consideration of the development prospect of the project in the market, but also a consideration of the improvement and confirmation of the enterprise's own production management ability, quality management and control ability.

                  After several pqt field certification, the company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to upgrade equipment and facilities, quality management and quality control, so as to meet the certification of world-class GMP management ability. Passing the on-site certification is not only the recognition and certification of the company's high-quality projects, but also the upgrading of the company's overall management ability and soft power..

                  Liaoyuan Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.has been committed to providing high-quality and low-cost raw materials for the world. We thank the who pqt audit team for its recognition and affirmation of Liaoyuan Yinying pharmaceutical. We also hope that in the future, Liaoyuan Yinying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will have more high-quality projects into the WHO procurement process, and contribute more to the elimination of serious emergencies and infectious diseases in poor areas of the world.

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